Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to Extend Wireless Connection

How to extend the wireless coverage of your existing Access

This FAQ is applies to the following models:
EW-7206APg and EW-7209APg.
Wireless signals are affected by environmental factors such as obstructions
(walls, microwave ovens, furniture, etc) and similar devices (wireless indoor
telephone set or the other access points of your neighbors) operating within the
same wireless channel. As such, there will be some areas beyond the wireless
coverage of a single access point. For example, in the typical house shown in
Figure-1, the Internet is available wirelessly in the Living room but not available
in the Book room - the wireless signal from the Living room is too weak in the
Book room for most laptops/PCs.
This guide will present you the most affordable solution for maximizing the
wireless coverage: use a wireless access point as a repeater for extending the
wireless signal. After installing the Repeater AP as shown, the area with poor
wireless coverage (red color) will have good wireless coverage (green color) as
shown in Figure-1.
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